Rental Cycle Use, Kurashiki KEN SAI KAN

Rental Cycle Use,Kurashiki KEN SAI KAN

What’s New

  • 2017.09.17

    We will close our shop at 16 pm today with considering safety use of rental bicycle customers since a large typhoon 18th having heavy rain and strong wind is approaching to Kurashiki.
  • 2017.07.09

    "Kurashiki Tenryou Summer Festival" will be held on Sat., 22nd of July. Since it is expected that many people will get crowded around our shop and Kurashiki station from the evening, we will shorten our business hours and will close at 5 pm. 《Our shop Business hours on Sat., 22nd of July ・・・ 8:00 am to 5:00 pm》 We will be open as usual from on Sunday 23rd, July. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • 2017.06.16

    We will inform you that our service plan contents and rates will be changed as follows from Saturday, 1st of July in 2017. 【Shop open hours】8am to 18pm 【Shop regular holiday】Every Wednesdays ※If the shop holiday is a national holiday, or an event day held by our shop, we will open our shop. In this case, the shop holiday will not replace to another day. ≪Shop Open Hours Use≫ ■ 1 Hour Use … JPY200-/Person ■ 2 Hours Use … JPY400-/Person ■ 3 to 6 Hours Use … JPY600-/Person ■ Over 6 Hours Use until 18pm … JPY800-/Person ≪Return charge outside shop open hours≫ ■ ①18:00pm to 22:50pm ②6:00am to 8:00am … JPY 200-/Person ≪Use after the next day as well≫ ■ Overnight use (17pm to 9am) … JPY 400-/Person ■ 25 Hours Use … JPY 1,000-/Person ■ 2 Days Use … JPY 1,400-/Person ■ 3 Days Use … JPY 2,200-/Person ≪Others≫ Ask shop for … ■ Long period use ■ Flexible use for customers ■ Cycling plan ■ Other rental items ※ For the first time use, another JPY100-/Person will be required as the insurance fee of each plan chosen We will terminate the service currently providing that you can use our rental bike for free on the day of our shop regular holiday Wednesday, at the end of June. We would like to make our best efforts to provide good quality service for customers. Thank you.
  • 2017.04.23

    During the period from April 26th (Wed.) to May 7th (Sun.) , we will open our shop every day. Shop business hours) 8:00 am to 6:00 pm In order to enjoy Kurashiki, we offer you our convenient rental bikes not only for your cycling around Bikan Histrical Area and Kurashiki Station but for your leisure to "Sakazu Park", a large and beautiful park surrounded by rich green nature along the Takahashi River, and also for your cycling to suburban areas with North direction cycling route, "Kibiji Cycling Road" and South direction cycling route, “Kaze-no-michi”. There are historical and nature scenic sightseeing spots such as 5-storied-pagoda at "Bitchu Kokubunji", and having historical legend and magnificent long corridor, "Kibitsu Shrine", rice fields, ancient tombs, delicious & nice café, hot spring etc on the North cycling route, "Kibiji Cycling Road". On the South cycling route, “Kaze-no-michi”, you can enjoy cycling to "Kojima district", the birth-place of jeans in Japan, there is a street called "Jeans Street" where cafes and jeans shops stand together and "Mt. Washu", beautiful landscapes for Seto Inland Sea and majestic Seto Bridge and "Shimotsui", fisherman’s port and delicious sea foods. We guide you some recommended visiting spots, cycling courses and directions according to your time, plans and schedules. If you would have a plan to go out cycling till far, please feel free to inform us in advance, or when you visit our shop. We serve a customer luggage storage locker which also includes a travel suitcase in our shop. You can use them for free while using our rental bike. ◇ Locker (Large) Inside Dimensions : Width 34 cm Height 78 cm Length 57 cm ◇ Locker (Medium) Inside Dimensions : Width 35 cm Height 53 cm Length 42 cm Especially, you can use the hotel conveniently after check-in, check-out etc. However, the numbers of lockers are limited, and only available during shop business hours. Since during the above period our shop is crowded by bike users, we will give priority to use of our rental bike service from the reservation customers. Thank you.
  • 2017.03.08

    We are supporting the event for "2017 mt FACTORY TOUR Vol.6" of world-wide brand, "mt", cute design decorative masking tapes, made in Kurashiki of Japan, held in kurashiki from March 24 to April 4th. During “mt FACTORY TOUR” between March 24 and April 4th, our shop is opened every day from 8: 00 - 20: 00. We also have a limited number of "mt" rental bicycles with period between March 24th and April 23rd. Enjoy cycling & sightseeing around Kurashiki with riding them. And also for those who participate in the factory tour during the period, we offer discount benefits for our rental bicycle fee, so please show us your “mt factory tour admission pass” at the time of your coming to our shop.
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