Rental Cycle Use, Kurashiki KEN SAI KAN

Rental Cycle Use,Kurashiki KEN SAI KAN

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  • 2018.04.08

    We regret to inform you that our shop will be closing up on coming May 7th (Monday). We sincerely thank you very much for having so many customers use our rental bike service so far. We also appreciate many supporters to our business. Since opening up our shop here November in 2014, we have been always helped by the smile and kindness of our customers. We will never forget each one. We have been all the time proud to provide our hearty services to our customers and it has been our great pleasure to have our guests spend a good time while using our rental bike at Kurashiki. Although it's a short period of time until our last business day on May 7th (Monday), we will operate our shop as usual, everyday 8 am to 6 pm except April 11th, 18th & 25th (Each Wednesday shop closed day). We look forward to your visiting for our rental bike & locker service. Regarding reservation / inquiries of our rental bikes after May 8 (Tuesday), we are unable to accept, so please be forewarned. Again, We would like to express our deepest appreciation for your patronages & supports. See you at KEN SAI KAN.
  • 2018.03.08

    We are supporting the event for "2018 mt FACTORY TOUR Vol.7" of world-wide brand, "mt", cute design decorative masking tapes, made in Kurashiki of Japan, held in kurashiki from March 23 to April 5th. During the event period between March 23 and April 5th, our shop is opened every day from 8: 00am - 6: 00pm without shop closed day. We also have a limited number of "mt" bicycles with period between March 23th and April 23rd. Enjoy cycling & sightseeing around Kurashiki with riding them.
  • 2018.02.09

    We would like to inform that valid reservable period for our bike is from 1 month before to the day before your using day for a while, since we are trying to change the reservation system. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • 2018.01.01

    We wish you a Healthy & Joyful New Year. Bicycles are the best way to look around Kurashiki throughout all four seasons. For pottering : To “Bikan Historical Quarter”, the most popular sightseeing spot in Kurashiki, important preservation district of the beautiful traditional Japanese townscape with a beautiful white-walled buildings and rows of willow trees, just 5 minutes ride by bicycle from our shop. For convenient transportation : Around Kurashiki Station & your accommodation etc. For cycling to further areas : To "Sakazu Park", a large & beautiful park surrounded by rich green nature along Takahashi River, the closest nature attraction including the rice field and canal sceneries nearby, just 5km away from our shop To "Kibiji Cycling Road", 20km cycling course in the northern suburbs of Kurashiki between JR Soja Station in the west and JR Okayama Station in the east, can enjoy nature in the Kibiji Historical Area, recommended spots are the five story pagoda built in 1844 AD of "Bittchu Kokubunji Temple" located in the middle of scenic countryside, nice sandwich cafe, hot spring, ancient tombs and shrines To "Kaze-no-michi", the unique 20km cycling course, as the old railroad track from near JR Chayamachi Station to the area, Kojima and Shimotsui in southern Kurashiki near the foot of the Seto Ohashi Bridge was reconstructed as a cycling road, recommended spots along this popular route are Kurashiki Art Sword Museum, Fujito historical sites of battlefield between Minamoto Clan and Taira Clan, 701 AD-built Kumano-Taisya shrine, and “Jeans Street” in Kojima district where cafes & jeans shops stand together as the birth-place of Japanese made-jeans in Japan Rent-A-Bike for you available just a minute walk from the station. See you at KEN SAI KAN!
  • 2017.12.26

    Our Rental Bikes are also available during the end of year & New Year's holidays. ≪Shop Business Hours≫ 8:00am to 6:00pm ※Available Time for Rental Procedures ≪Shop Closed≫ Every Wednesday ≪The business is in the Kurashiki-shi Station of Mizushima Rinkai Railway≫ ≪Rental Bike Plans & Fees - Shop Business Hours≫ ■ 1 Hour Use … JPY200-/Person ■ 2 Hours Use … JPY400-/Person ■ 3 to 6 Hours Use … JPY600-/Person ■ Over 6 Hours Use until 18pm … JPY800-/Person ≪Return Charge outside Shop Hours≫ ■ JPY 200-/Person ①18:00pm to 22:50pm ②Next Day 6:00am to 8:00am ※Bikes & lending items can be returned even on shop closed days and outside shop business hours ≪Rental Bike Plans & Fees - Use after the next day as well≫ ■ Overnight use (17pm to 9am) … JPY 400-/Person ■ 25 Hours Use … JPY 1,000-/Person ■ 2 Days Use … JPY 1,400-/Person ■ 3 Days Use … JPY 2,200-/Person ≪Others≫ Ask shop for … ■ Cycling plan ■ Other rental items ■ Long period use For the first time user, another JPY100-/Person will be required for insurance cover. Baggage Locker Facilities at our shop. Free Lockers for Bike Rental Customers! It is very convenient since you can leave unnecessary baggage at shop when using bike such as cycling in the town before checked-in / after checked-out at your accomodation or cycling to far away places. Also available to use Baggae Lockers without renting a bike. ■Free Cycling Map of Kurashiki ■Recommended Cycling Courses ■Recommended Sightseeing Spots See you at KEN SAI KAN!
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