Rental Cycle Use, Kurashiki KEN SAI KAN



* This reservation our shop accepts from the customer is for keeping the bikes. We keep the bikes for booked customers up to 1 hour after the lapse of booking time. Please note that it is not to promise the order of reception procedure or departure time at shop.
* This reserve of bikes is available only when for using 2 hours or more.
* Please note that this reserve of bikes is not accepted on shop closed day or outside shop business hours.
Please fill in the reservation form below and press the button at bottom to book.

Customer’s Information

Your name必須
Organization Name / Group Name / Company Name
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※If you use with your five people or more, please fill in the Organization Name / Group Name / Company Name and also the representative name who we can contact.
Your Nationality
Your Residence Address or Accommodation Name & Address in Japan
E-mail addressessential
E-mail address(For Confirmation)essential
Your visiting Date & Time to our shopessential
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hour minute
Your Returning Date & Timeessential
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Number of Bicycles you want to useessential
Number of Bicycles
Baggage Locker Use

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* Multiple Choice Possible
Your Inquiry
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* Regarding personal information that you enter, we comply with related laws and regulations and take safe management measures
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