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Please confirm your availability of our bikes on the day you want to use in the calendar below, and with the form, make reservation or contact us, before 1 day of your use.


Our Bikes

Our bikes are sturdy steel frame, and 7 speed, 20 inch, folding type.
Available from height 135cm up to about 195cm

Our bike is white frame and orange tire, stylish design, and it makes you feel comfort driving & fun to ride!

※Click the buttons, and you can check our bicycle features.


Our bikes are original of DOPPELGANGERRbicycle brand.

Our bikes are original of DOPPELGANGERbicycle brand.
Front Basket

It is a large size basket, you can put your travel bags, backpacks and souvenirs.

Transmission Gear

When you are in driving along hill or toward headwind, you can easily operate gear change by the shift lever attached to the right of the handle and it makes you drive comfortable.


The bell is attached to the left side of the handle. Use the bell when you inform your close to the pedestrian and the surrounding.

Non-Slip Handlebars

The handle form can be gripped with a natural feel and it makes ease the burden on your palm. Unevenness of the surface is breathable well and it ensures excellent grip even when the rain.

Folding Type

All bikes are the foldable type, so you can take your bike into the train or place it in the rental car. Folding / Assembly can be easily done. A foldable bike bag is also provided.


Saddle absorbs the vibration shocks from the road, and is excellent comfort, and it makes you feel very gentle ride.


There are many cobbled streets in Kurashiki, the suspension makes you soften the impact from the road.


When using the bike, you handle 2 locks. The one lock is attached with the bike body and the other one is the wire lock.

THE COVENIENT POINTS of Ken Sai Kan’s Rent-a-cycle

  1. Safety Bike with Good Condition We always adjust the bike according to the body of individual user and also offer a comfortable ride of the bike with the well-maintenance.
  2. User's compensation insurance We have the insurance when the customer has been an accident during your use.
    ※In order to compensate the contents of each insurance coverage there are certain conditions.
  3. Free baggage lockers for bike rental customers It is very convenient since you can leave unnecessary baggage at shop when using bike such as cycling in the town before checked-in / after checked-out at your accommodation or cycling to far away places.
  4. Handy plastic ponchos are available Handy plastic ponchos are available on rainy days and those on which there is a possibility of rain.
  5. Sightseeing, pottering and cycling course information Sufficient sightseeing information about must-see sightseeing spots, parks and cycling roads is here at Ken Sai Kan.
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